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"I have been following Winning Team for quite some time right now, and trust me that I’ll continue doing so if they make more tracks like this."

- EDM Reviewer, October 20th 2018


Hailing from the vibrant sonic landscapes of Helsinki, Winning Team has taken the EDM world by storm. This dynamic quartet working in perfect sync as a group, comprised of Max, Patrick, Vesa and Jere, uniquely blend the powerful style of big room with an exceptional focus on songwriting, setting them apart in the electronic dance music scene. Their tracks not only reverberate through the speakers but also strika a chord with listeners’ emotions, demonstrating their prowess in music-making.


On a supermarket parking lot in the summer of 2013, amidst parked cars and ambient buzz the four friends made a spontaneous decision. It was there they chose to form what would soon evolve into the acclaimed EDM quartet, turning an ordinary evening into the beginning of an extraordinary journey.


Having amassed over 13 million streams on Spotify, Winning Team’s sonic footprint is undeniable. Their track record on Beatport speaks for itself, with several of their releases making their way onto the charts, showcasing their appeal to both casual listeners and EDM enthusiasts.


But Winning Team’s magic is not just confined to studio recordings. Their live performances are a spectacle in their own right. Known for their unparalleled energy, their shows are a mesmerizing mix of high-energy and emotional bangers, synchronized visuals, and audience that’s always left yearning for more. Attendees often remark on the palpable chemistry among the quartet on stage, making every concert an unforgettable experience.


Winning Team isn’t just about creating chart-topping hits; they’re dedicated to fostering the next generation of EDM artists. With this vision, they founded “Halla Recordings”, their very own label. More than just a platform for their releases, Halla is a beacon for young, upcoming talent. The quartet’s mission is to discover, nurture and showcase emerging voices in the electronic dance music scene, ensuring the genre’s vibrant future.


From Helsinki to the global stage, Winning Team’s journey has been nothing short of meteoric. With every track, show and collaboration, they further solidify threir reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting acts in the world of dance music. Winning Team continues to tear up stages and wow their listeners along the way.



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